HARPIST LISA - The Best South Florida Wedding Venues

Over the years - as a South Florida wedding harpist -- I have had the pleasure of playing my HARP at many of South Florida's most beautiful wedding venues.

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Harpist Lisa -- Special Addition Ideas for your South Florida Wedding

I have had the the good fortune of playing my harp at many South Florida Weddings over the years.

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Music for your WEDDING

Brides and Grooms have so many decisions to make when planning their wedding - venue, cake, food, dress, tux, flowers. However

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I teach all ages from 6 years to 80 year olds. You do not need to have any experience with music — just the desire to learn. I always ask “why” you want to learn to play the harp. Do you want to play a favorite song? Do you want to play for your church or temple? Did you see or hear the harp in your favorite movie? I want to help you reach your harp goals — whatever they may be. If you do not have a harp – I can help you to find one to rent or buy. I teach students to “read” music so that they can go on and play piece of music they want. I always remind parents that music lessons are a gift that you give to your children that they will enjoy their entire lives. The harp is a beautiful adventure and you never know where it will take you.