HARPIST LISA - The Best South Florida Wedding Venues

Over the years - as a South Florida wedding harpist -- I have had the pleasure of playing my HARP at many of South Florida's most beautiful wedding venues. Each wedding venue has something special about it -- however - I want to share my top four wedding venues and why. I hope this will help the Bride and Groom to choose a South Florida venue.


Without a doubt one of the most amazing south Florida wedding venues is the Crystal Ballroom Beach Place in Fort Lauderdale. Its right on Fort Lauderdale Beach facing the ocean. The venue has incredible large chandeliers everywhere, soft white drapery and accessories of flowers, crystals, and candles that set the mood for a dream wedding. It is a south Florida venue like no other. The vibe of Crystal Ballroom Beach Place right on the Atlantic Ocean -- is super high end and filled with excitement. I am always impressed with the team at Crystal Ballroom Beach place -- their excitment and attention to detail for every wedding.
I set the HARP in the chapel area near where the vows are said. Chandeliers, tea lights, crisp clean bright white and textures surround you.
I play some love songs for pre-ceremony right before the wedding is about to begin to help fill the room with love. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston is always a favorite.

Next I played Perfect by Ed Sheeran and the wedding party walked down the isle. Everyone dressed beautifully and floating down the isle to be there for the Wedding Couple.

As a harpist --my favorite part is next --- I run my fingers all over the strings of the harp -- the guests turn and -- the Bride appears and she walked slowly as I played All of Me by John Legend. Does it get any better?

They say their vows -- the officiant pronounces them Man and Wife and I play What a Wonderful World as they leave the ceremony together. Harp music choices are made by the couple and I talk with the wedding couple before the wedding to see what kind of music they enjoy and what kind of atmosphere they are trying to create.

It never gets old to watch the happiness and LOVE that fills the room as I continue to play my harp for the wedding party and guests as they leave the wedding ceremony area.

One of the special aspects of Crystal Ballroom Beach Place on Fort Lauderdale Beach is the veranda that over looks the ocean and is a great backdrop for the Cocktail Hour. I love playing my HARP for cocktail hour. I play a variety of music - The Way You Look Tonight, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Shallow - Lady Gaga, Hallelujah- Cohen, Halo - Beyonce, Why I Love You - Major, Have I Told You Lately I Love You- Rod Stewart, Cant Help Falling in Love with You, etc.. Can you picture enjoying your favorite cocktail with the view of the ocean and hearing harp music? Its something your guests will not forget.

Even more exciting -- Crystal Ballroom is openning a second location on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale -- Crystal Ballroom Lake Melva. Its going to have "rustic" theme. Grand Openning is soon and I cant wait to see the amazing job the Crystal Ballroom team has come up with for the rustic wedding theme wedding venue

The HARP sounds beautiful at Crystal Ballroom Place - Fort Lauderdale Beach.
The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale

A sunset wedding ceremony is set up on the giant pool deck facing the Atlantic ocean. Does it get more Fort Lauderdale than a view of the ocean for your wedding? An area of white chairs are set facing the ocean with full flower arrangements placed where the reverend is standing. Timing is everything and the sun is just starting to go down. As guests arrive - I play the pre-ceremony music on my harp with such titles as Cant Help Falling in Love with You, A Thousand Years, etc.. The harp gets the attention of the guests and relaxes them. The harp has a calming quality. This is a small wedding -- which only makes the harp music that much more special. I play Perfect by Ed Sheeran for the parents and maid of honor to walk down the isle. Finally - I run my fingers all of over strings of the harp to make a beautiful sound -- the guests turn. The Bride walks down the isle to Canon in D. The moment is perfect with the harp music adding to the Bride's each step.

Before the wedding I listen to what the Bride and Groom want for their wedding music, atmosphere and style for their wedding. I have a list of music that I play but I am happy to learn something new that is special to them as well. Canon in D is graceful and elegant just like the wedding couple and the south florida wedding venue - the Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale. The harp music helps to create a feeling of love and elegance. The harp can be perfect for a large wedding and just as special for a smaller wedding. The harp music is one moment of the wedding is special and its something they will never forget.

As the wedding ceremony is finished and as the married couple turn to their guests -- I play Hallelujah by Cohen. I play my harp till the guests leave the area and how perfect. Small weddings can be beautiful and at the Ritz Carlton Fortlauderdale -- it is their top priority.

My Harp music and the Ritz Carlton bring together one of the best Fort Lauderdale weddings.

Villa Woodbine - Coconut Grove
For a feeling of warmth and and old south Florida -- nothing can compare with Villa Woodbine in Coconut Grove. An historic South Florida estate -- Villa Woodbine is filled with a fountain and lush landscape. You feel like you have entered someones private estate. In the back of the estate -- the grounds have been meticulously manicured to have lights strung into the trees. The tables and chairs that makes you feel as though the dining room was brought outside just for you. Parking is also a pleasure being right on the property.

I play my HARP as guests arrive -- full of excitment as each person comes through the estate to the outside ceremony area. The Harp looks like it belongs there and that your guests can feel the calm coming from the atmosphere. You can hear the Bride and her Bridal Party upstairs on the balcony giggling and preparing for the big event. Villa Woodbine truly feels like home.

With plenty of space for the Bridal Party and the Bride to walk down a path -- a chance to enjoy the Bride and how beautiful she looks as I continue to play Canon in D on my HARP

Fabulous cocktails are enjoyed after the ceremony and I try to give a healthy mix of love songs, standards and current music titles. The lush green grounds and historic look of the estate make for great wedding photographs and videography.

If you are looking for a warm, historic atmosphere -- south Florida wedding venue - Villa Woodbine in Coconut Grove is a personal favorite of mine.

Sundy House - Delray Beach

For a lush tropical feel -- the Sundy House in Delray Beach would definitely be your wedding venue. Once a private home with an unbelieveable garden santuary -- now is transformed into a tropical south Florida venue.

Sundy House has gardens where the wedding ceremony can be held. I love that there are many options on the property for ceremony and reception. Do you want to be near gazebo, ponds, in the old Florida feel patio? They even have an area indoors with a fire place where I have played the wedding cerermony too. With valet parking - your guests will feel a relaxed entrance to a special venue.

Besides weddings, the Sundy house would also be great for a Cocktail Party, Baby Shower, anniversary and Bridal Shower. Its right off Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach --- which makes it easy to find. Also - a great area for your out of town guests to stay and enjoy. Some south Florida wedding venues are difficult to get to, or parking is a problem and not an easy area for your guests to find hotels --- this is not the case for the Sundy House. The Sundy House could be called a destination wedding. HARP music in the various Sundy House garden areas as well as indoor location -- is a perfect match. The HARP really feels as though it belongs at the Sundy House.