Music for your WEDDING

Brides and Grooms have so many decisions to make when planning their wedding - venue, cake, food, dress, tux, flowers. However - one of the most important decisions you will make for creating your wedding's atmosphere is the ceremony MUSIC you choose. The style of music that you choose helps to set the tone for your ceremony and the cocktail hour. It also gives a "visiual" for your guests and your photographs and videos.


As a South Florida HARPIST - I work with the couple to find out what the really want for their special day. I am here to help them create the atmosphere of their dreams with music.

* What kind of venue will the ceremony be at? Small, intimate or large, open space.

The size of the venue for the ceremony helps me - the Harpist - to make suggestions for the sound you might want. If its a small wedding - 75 people or less and the venue is in a smaller space or the chairs are set close and near the officiant - you may want to consider music that soothing and romantic. On the other hand -- a large full space -- you might want to consider lite classical -- Canon in D, Here Comes the Bride, Meditation, Bach, etc.. My HARP can make the right sound and atmosphere no matter the size of your wedding or space - as well as a variety of music styles. I can make a great sound acoustically or I can be amplified.

* Do you want a calm, contemplative atmosphere? Traditional or religious?

The HARP has great flexiability. If you want to add some religious selections of music. The HARP sound is perfect for an Ave Maria or Erev Shel Shoshanim - both beautiful choices for a Christian or Jewish ceremony. I have an excellent religious sounding recessional - Gloria! -- with lots of very harpy glissandi and a little up tempo for the happy couple to exit the ceremony. I can incorporate any religious selection into the ceremony. I have a full list of religious titles I can share with you. Again - always happy to learn something new as well.

* Do you want a more up beat ceremony - non traditional?

The Beatles, Chicago, Van Morrison, Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michael Buble, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Stand by Me, Ed Sheeran, etc. I am here to help create the sound that you want for your wedding. Tell me what you enjoy or what represents your love. There are no rules -- just great music.

* What is the size of your wedding party (walking down the isle)? How many family members will be escorted to their seats? How many Bridesmaids will you have walk?

The Bridal Party size is a factor to consider for choosing your music. If the wedding is smaller and you may only have 4 rows to walk down -- then this is not a long walk and would call for one selection of music. If you have one selection for parents/grandparents and then a separate for Bridesmaids -- it may be too much music. Now if you are having a larger number of guests with many rows at the ceremony and the walk to the isle is longer -- then its possible that two selections might be needed because of the distance to walk. These are music ideas that - I can help consul you with to get the smoothest effect for your ceremony. The excellent part is that the HARP can transition between songs beautifully.

*THE BRIDE -- what music to walk down the isle to?

* Do you have a special song or artist that you both enjoy?

As a HARPIST - I offer my clients a list of music that I have played. These titles have been compiled over the years and represents all age groups and music styles - lite classical, POP, rock, standards, Broadway, country and religious. However -- if you have a special song that you both love -- I am ready to learn it for your special day. If its an old song - that may have been your parent's wedding song - I can do that as well. This is your day and I am the HARPIST that wants you both to be happy. Tell me what would make your day extra special.

* Have you thought about the transition music at your Cocktail Hour?

As your HARPIST - as the ceremony ends and you and your guests exit the ceremony area -- I will continue to play my HARP till most of the guests are leaving. Of course at that point -- your guests are talking and you both are taking wedding pictures. If your Cocktail Hour is in a different area - I can quickly move my HARP to that location and begin playing a variety of music for your guests as they enjoy a drink. I try to play something for every age group. City of Angels - La La Land + It Had to Be You + I Will Always Love You - Whitney + Shallow - Lady Gaga + Hallelujah - Cohen + What a Wonderful World + Somewhere Over the Rainbow + Fly Me to the Moon + The Way You Look Tonight + Heaven + All of Me - J. Legend etc.. Before you have the big party music at your reception/dinner - the HARP is perfect for smooth sound for your Cocktail Hour.

The HARP gives an amazing visual for your ceremony and cocktail hour -- but the sound the HARP creates is something you and your guests will not forget.